Barcos, Acrílico s/papel, 40x50cm, 2018


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  • Rita Costa.

    Born in Lisbon, Portugal, in 1972. She graduated in Visual Design Communication in School of Arts and Design in 1994. Today she lives and works in Porto where she runs the Oficina da Comunicação, a Workshop, Art and Design space. Her painting are marked by gesture. They covers a diversity of themes with special focus on the human figure. Her artistic style is strongly marked by the influence of his master, Dagoberto Silva.

    Rita Costa exhibits collectively since 2010: at Casa do Infante, in Oporto, in 2010; at the Lord A Foundation in Paredes, in 2011; at the Almeida Garrett Library, in Oporto in 2012. She was also present at Guimarães Noc Noc in 2013 and 2014. In May 2013, she exhibited individually in the Salon Nobre of Matosinhos and, in April 2015, in the Cultural Association The Chair of Van Gogh. In March of 2019, with the theme I went to the Douro, to the Harvests, she was present in the Municipal Library Albano Sardoeira, in Amarante. In September of 2019, with the same theme, was present in the Vindouro 2019, in São João da Pesqueira.

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