Natureza Feminina XIII, acrílico s/tela, 60 X 150 cm

Natureza Feminina XIII

2.300,00 €Preço
  • Renata Carneiro was born in Porto, where she lives and works. She began her studies in the world of the arts, at the Soares dos Reis secondary school, specialized in arts with the general course, she went to college, were she made a Bachelor of Arts in Painting at Esap - Escola Superior de Artística do Porto and the Licenciatura in Fine Arts institution. She went to Madrid to take her Masters in Theory and Practice of Contemporary Arts at the Faculty of Fine Arts - Universidad Complutense. Renata Carneiro has exhibited collectively and individually since 2000 and is represented in several public and private collections in Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Greece and Japan.



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