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Born in Lisbon, Portugal, in 1972. Rita graduated in Visual Communication Design at ESAD, Escola Superior de Arte e Design, in 1994.

She currently lives in Matosinhos, Porto, where she runs Oficina da Comunicação, an Art and Design space.

Her paintings are marked by gesture. The human figure, lives lived, customs and expressions. They are a celebration of the human character and personal relationships, are a central theme always marked by expressiveness through quick gestures in which singular figures of vibrant colours emerge.

Her style is strongly marked by her mentor, Dagoberto Silva.



  • Casa do Infante, in Oporto, 2010;

  • The Lord Foundation, in Paredes, 2011;

  • Almeida Garrett Library, in Porto, 2012;

  • Guimarães Noc Noc, 2013 and 2014;

  • Davinci Art Gallery, "7x7", 2015;

  • Davinci Art Gallery,"Dina 5", 2019;

  • Wine Museum, Anadia (Bairrada), 2019

  • Davinci Art Gallery, "Ao Quadrado", 2019.

  • Davinci Art Gallery, "30x30", 2022.

  • WOW Porto, Art in the World of wine, August 2023.



  • Matosinhos Municipal Salon Nobre, “Gestualidade”, May 2013;

  • Cultural Association The Chair of Van Gogh, “Registos”, April 2015;

  • Cervejas Nortada Factory, “Fui ao Douro à Vindimas”, October 2018;

  • Albano Sardoeira Municipal Library, Amarante, “Fui ao Douro à Vindimas”, March 2019;

  • Vindouro, São João da Pesqueira Town Hall, “Fui ao Douro à Vindimas”, September 2019;

  • Albano Sardoeira Municipal Library, Amarante, “Nós e o Mar”, September 2022.

  • Vila do Conde Municipal Auditorium, Vila do Conde, “Nós e o Mar”, October 2022;

  • Mirandela Municipal Museum, Mirandela, “Nós e o Mar”, May 2023.

  • Paredes Municipal Library, Paredes, “Nós e o Mar”, June 2023.

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